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"Italian antique shop"

“Italian antique shop”, where Don Jose buys a gun and decides to go to Ukraine. This is a place where one can get things even what one doesn’t really even want. For example, “Ukrainian grammar”.

"Train compartment"

Chromakey Locations.
The characters present in the locations – Don Jose and his setter Rodolfo.
Location are designed to reveal the geometry, the plane of the landscape as a change in the perception of the environment from different angles of view.

"Alceste’s house – Italy"

The location is envisaged as a set of stereotypes about Italy, gathered by a house in a single street. The absurdity of this scene, as well as the characters and objects appearing in it, hint at the absurdity of the journey that takes place in the Ukrainian Slobozhanshchyna.


An open-air market with 10-15 stalls, from where the journey of Doctor Leonardo and Alceste begins. Here the heroes taste kvass. Here, the Homeless Kid sells bread, and the Fantastic Dame sells oats, bought by Cherepakha the peasant for his horse Volodka. And here in the distance you can see the huge antennas of the Ionosphere Institute… And who knows, maybe they are causing these miracles to happen.


It is from the cockpit of the airplane that the journey is the fastest and has very few details. The ground looks like a relief map. This is when the heroes travel by train, boat, or on foot, the journey slows down and acquires more detail, colors, and nuances. And from the cockpit of the airplane only its fleetness is felt. Chromakey Location.


A house in the Tree Planter’s yard, where Doctor Leonardo and the beautiful Alceste must fall in love.

Doctor Leonardo draws the route they have travelled on a white wall in the house.


A wooden boat carries the heroes of the film along the Siverskyi Donets River, sometimes ending up in lakes or swamps.

This means of travel allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a slow journey through the picturesque Ukrainian Slobozhanshchyna.