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Gender: female
Age: 25
Nationality: Italian
Occupation: Doctor Leonardo’s companion

Description: Emotional and tender. She is ready to love only the one who loves her back. She hesitates to give in to Doctor Leonardo because she is not confident in his feelings. 

Relationships with other characters / objects:
Object of love of Doctor Leonardo.
Object of love of Don Jose.
Object of love of Perebyinis.
Object of interest of the Tree Planter.
Character’s false mirror – the Woman.
She has a summer coat, decorated with gloves, similar to a dress that has the character the Woman.

Doctor Leonardo Pazzi

Gender: male
Age: 37
Nationality: Italian
Occupation: venereologist

Description: He intends to walk the route along the Siverskyi Donets River and make his beautiful companion Alceste his mistress. Hides lack of confidence in himself and in his desires. He seeks happiness outside himself – in the countries he has visited, in the women he has conquered.
Connoisseur of Slobozhanshchyna.

Relationships with other characters / objects:
Desires to make physical love to Alceste. 
Don Jose – alter ego of Doctor Leonardo. 
The rifle, which was bought by Don Jose, was sold by Doctor Leonardo.
The newspaper Voche Del Popolo, which disseminates information about who Doctor Leonardo really is – himself or Don Jose. 
Has a financial relationship with Cherepakha the peasant (pays for travelling by his horse-drawn cart) and the Good Tree Planter (pays for accommodation). 
Character’s mirror – the Man. 

Don Jose Pereira

Gender: male
Age: 37
Nationality: Spanish
Occupation:  tyrant fighter, hunter

Description: Active, emotional, confident in his desires. He goes to hunt in the Ukrainian steppes to unwind before the biggest case of his life – the murder of the Spanish dictator. Has a dog – Irish Setter Rodolfo.

Relationships with other characters:
Suddenly falls in love with the beautiful Alceste.
Buys Doctor Leonardo’s rifle, which will later come into Perebyinis’s hands.
Killed by the good Tree Planter.
Alter ego of Doctor Leonardo.

the good Tree Planter

Gender: male
Age: 65
Nationality: Ukrainian
Occupation: gardener

Description: Good housekeeping is his life’s work. His well-being cannot be hindered by anything – neither his wife nor his child. This is why he has a Berdan rifle in case one of them decides to come back after he kicked them out.

Relationships with other characters / objects:
The owner of a chalet that is rented to Doctor Leonardo and Alceste.
Ex-husband of the Fantastic Dame.
Despises Cherepakha the peasant for softness.
Father of the Homeless Kid.
Killer of Don Jose.

Fantastic Dame

Gender: female
Age: 60
Nationality: Ukrainian
Occupation: tradeswoman

Description: The ex-wife of the good Tree Planter. Because of the actions of her husband, she learned to how be enterprising and nimble. She died, but still sells oats and seeds. Has the ability to suddenly appear and disappear.

Relationships with other characters / objects:
Mother of the Homeless Kid.
The standard of entrepreneurship for Cherepakha the peasant.
An annoying and frustrating factor for the good Tree Planter.

Cherepakha the peasant

Gender: male
Age: 30
Nationality: Ukrainian
Occupation: coachman

Description: Reasonable when sober. Has a horse, Volodka, who is his main companion. Is knowledgeable about travelers and agriculture. Suffers from being misunderstood by others, from difficulties arising in deciding things – to drink or not drink, to go or not to go, to live or not to live.

Relationships with other characters / objects:
Inspired by entrepreneurship of the Fantastic Dame and buys oats from her.
Trying to befriend the good Tree Planter.
Gives a ride to Doctor Leonardo and Alceste.
He takes off the moon and the stars out of the sky, which ends a strange night.

Orestes Perebyinis

Gender: male
Age: 20
Nationality: Ukrainian
Occupation: student

Description: Gallant until he sees a wild duck that can be shot.
Knows the history of his ancestors.
Thinks of himself as a refined and educated person.
If he hears a duck quacking – does not think at all.

Relationships with other characters / objects:
Breaks the nose of Doctor Leonardo.
Informs Alceste that that Doctor Leonardo is not Doctor Leonardo.  
Promises love to Alceste. 
Gives lard to the Homeless Kid.
Takes Cherepakha the peasant for an evil spirit.
He takes the rifle from Doctor Leonardo.

Homeless Kid

Gender: male
Age: 16
Nationality: Ukrainian
Occupation: sells bread, begs

Description:  The unsophisticated son of the good Tree Planter, who cut off his leg so that he would have privileges in trade.

Relationships with other characters / objects:
Son of the Fantastic Dame.
An annoying and frustrating factor for the good Tree Planter.

the Woman

Gender:  female
Age: 25
Nationality: Ukrainian
Occupation: designer

Description: believes that “the grass is always greener on the other side”. Aims to prove to the Man that it is possible to live in one’s own country and make it better.

Relationships with other characters / objects:
At first she has a friendly attitude towards the Man, but then she sharply reacts to what he says, sees insults where there are none. But because of this, she does not give him a chance to truly offend her.
She has a transparent cover with a dress decorated with gloves.

the Man

Gender: male 
Age: 37
Nationality: Italian. 
Occupation: doctor

Description: He believes that “a person is always looking for the best place.” His goal is to prove to the Woman that moving to a country with a higher standard of living is the best decision.

Relationships with other characters / objects:
At first he sympathizes with the Woman and even flirts with her, but then he loses interest due to differing life principles.
He has a headache after Don Jose is killed.
Transforms into Doctor Leonardo.